Engineering Highlight

Cost estimating for construction companies

We developed a cost estimating platform for construction estimators that saves time throughout the entire process, from identifying and automatically populating relevant projects, to running financial models and generating deliverables. Fully interactive, collaborative, and transparent. No Excel spreadsheets.

Estimating screenshot

Operations Highlight

Company vehicle tracking and accounting

Custom vehicle tracking systems that integrate with existing accounting software. Spend more time growing your business and less time tracking down missing information.

Input data from the field or in the office

An easy to use platform encourages users to keep information up to date, saving managers and accountants time.

Intuitive User Interfaces

We create software people want to use because it not only saves them time, but is easy to learn and intuitive.

High availability

Access your custom services from any device, anywhere. No installation or VPN needed.

Physical presence

Scan a QR code and quickly input data in the field. For example, we put QR codes in every company vehicle for easy access to the tracking systems.

Always in the loop

Managers should be able to see data from a birds-eye perspective, any time, from any device.

Data organization

Forget cluttered spreadsheets located all over your filesystem. We keep your company data organized in a database.

Easy exporting

Export aggregated data anytime to other software or to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Access control

Decide which users should be able to access privileged information.
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